Hazeldene School

Curriculum Intent

At Hazeldene School, we believe deeply in the importance of helping our pupils develop as a whole person – happy and ready to take the next steps into their education and lives beyond primary school, regardless of their starting point.  We celebrate our differences and value every child’s achievements.

Our aim is to create an exciting, relevant and interesting curriculum which is underpinned by the knowledge, skills and understanding relevant for each year group. 

Our curriculum will promote and foster curiosity, confidence, independence, co-operation and high levels of self-esteem throughout the time the children are at Hazeldene School, which will prepare them for life in 21st Century Britain.

Our offer is underpinned by our vision and ethos ‘Inspiring minds, nurturing hearts, shaping futures’.  We want all of our children at Hazeldene to leave with a range of experiences, the self-belief to excel and we want them to have had an enjoyable time doing this. 

Our curriculum is carefully crafted so that our children develop their academic, social and cultural capital. 

We have made informed choices about what experiences we want to include and how they build over time across the curriculum.  We include both off and on-site experiences in our curriculum and make the most of what we have available locally.

We are developing a standard pupil offer of experiences in an academic year.  The visits and visitors are determined by the coverage of curriculum knowledge and skills.


Visits Educational Visitors Residential Visits Local Learning Opportunities Arts and Culture Community and Partnership Specialist Curriculum

1 per year (minimum)


St Albans





1 per year (minimum)


Ark Farm


Rainforest animals


Theatre company

Year 4


Year 6

1 per year (minimum)






Bow Hill


Bedford Park


Mowsbury Park


Priory Marina


The River

Artist project/workshops


This is Bedford


The Higgins/Panacea/ Bunyan Museums


Putnoe Heights




Faith visits-


Gudwara/ Mosque/ Church in Queens Park

Parents/ carers


Neighbouring schools


University of Beds


Sports Venues such as Bedford Athletics Stadium

French from a French speaker


PE - coaches linked to sports development plan


Science/DT - Castle Newnham

Based on our knowledge of the National Curriculum 2014, we have broken down the programmes of study into a series of skills and knowledge and our long term curriculum plans show how at Hazeldene we intend to cover the fundamental concepts of each national curriculum subject.  Each subject has a ‘Subject Leader’ who has an overview of planning for that area of learning across the school. 

Each Subject Leader has considered how each skill and knowledge statement connects and builds over time in their subject. They have also given consideration to how larger concepts are developed over time and in a variety of contexts to create a bespoke curriculum offer matched to our children’s needs. 

Every aspect of the curriculum is underpinned by a range of texts, vital in our promotion of a language rich environment to support the increasing communication needs of the children in our school. Books are selected to reflect equality, alongside spiritual, moral, social and cultural needs. Thematic and subject displays across the Key Stages, are designed to promote a wider variety of vocabulary and subject specific language.




Our Pledge for all pupils:
  • Every child will be educated to the highest possible standard, as set by the Department for Education.
  • Every child, in every lesson, will be provided with opportunities to: be engaged in, challenged in and process their learning. 
  • Every child will be provided with opportunities for personal growth and the opportunity to increase their self-esteem, motivation, resilience and aspirations.
  • Every child will be encouraged to be enterprising and entrepreneurial in order that they may succeed in an ever-changing job market.
  • Every child will be provided with opportunities to widen their horizons through experiencing the wider world as a core part of their curriculum.

Our daily Assessment for Learning and timely feedback means that teachers and pupils always know exactly how much progress they are making and where they may need more help.  

Our broad and balanced curriculum is designed to:
  • Develop strong characters in order to be resilient and cope with adversity.
  • Develop curious and independent learners.
  • Develop creative individuals who collaborate and co-operate and can solve problems seeing failure as an opportunity to learn.
  • Encourage risk-taking.
  • Develop pupils who can think critically and care about their learning so they always do their best.
  • Develop pupils who care about their role as part of a family, community and the wider world; encouraging them to feel part of, and to contribute positively to fundamental British values.
  • Ensure all pupils have high aspirations.
  • Develop a thirst for learning for all pupils