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Care Club FAQs

I want to View, Amend or Cancel a Booking

You can access all the information related to each booking you have placed or amend booking if this is permitted. To access the booking information, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the section Bookings
  • Click the eye icon on the right-hand side of the booking you want to access the information for

This opens up a new view with tabs below the booking summary. You can view all dates booked in the 'Dates Booked' tab.

You can view the payments made towards the booking and the payments that are expected for the booking in the 'Payments Made' and 'Expected Payments' tab respectively.

Adding/Cancelling Dates

You can amend the booking by adding or cancelling dates under the 'Amend Dates' tab if this function is permitted by the organisation. Depending on the cancellation policy you could receive a credit note for cancelled dates.



How to make a payment

To make a payment, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the section Bookings
  • Select the checkbox of the booking you want to make a payment for
  • Click the button ‘Make Payment’ at the top of the page

You can then pay the next instalment due or make a partial payment if you next instalment is due in the future.

If your instalment is already overdue you won’t be able make a partial payment, the instalment will have to be paid in full.

Make a multi-payment

Follow the same steps as described above but select the checkboxes for all bookings you want to make a payment for.

How to get proof of payment?

You will need to generate a statement from Account > Payment Proof.

From here, you can select the Activity, Payment Type (Card, Childcare Voucher/Tax Free Childcare etc.) and Date Range of the sessions they need payment proof for and click View Statement to generate a statement for these sessions.
On the statement generated, parents will see the date, cost and Total Paid for each session and can click the Download button at the top to download the statement as a PDF which can then be shared.

How do I create an account?

To create an account click the link below and select forgot password.  An email will be sent to you to reset your password and create an account (please check your junk folder). Once you have created an account you can then add bookings for your children.  Please do not message Care Club directly to make a booking!

Care Club Booking System

Care Club Times and Prices

Morning 8.00-8.45 £4.50
Afternoon 1 3.20-5:00 £6.75
Afternoon 2 5:00-5:45 £3.25
Late 5:45+ £10 for every 15 mins